Boost you business online with the right services

Setting up an online business for newbies can be quite challenging. This is because everything will be new for them. If they get confused with domain name purchase and web hosting service, then there is no surprise. There are many newbies who get confused with these services. It is very important for them to have a clear understanding of the requirements for running online businesses so that they can smoothly handle their online business. Before accessing services of the websites which offer domain name purchase and web hosting services both, you should learn about the clear difference between these two services required for running your website. If you are aware about these two services, you will be able to save big on buying the service package from the reliable website like godaddy-coupons.longest which offers latest digital strategies to grow your business online.

Domain name is your website’s identity

Domain name is the unique address of your website that gives an identity to your website. It becomes easy for the search engine to pick your website from millions of websites hosted on various web servers.  When you register for the domain name, it means that you are registering your ownership for the website. No one else on the online or offline market has the right to access or use your name for their business. Having a domain name is just not enough to make your website visible on the internet. You are needed to correctly host your website on the well configured web servers. This is done by the hosting services.

Another important thing about domain name is that, if you have once registered for the domain name it doesn’t mean that it will be your web address forever. Domain names come with the expiry feature so there is a need to renew domain name every year. On expiry, domain name owners have the option to sell or renew the domain name. Businesses can purchase the domain names for a maximum of 10 years only.

Web hosting service to host your website

When you have got your website developed, there is a need to host your website on the internet so that others can see your website. Websites are hosted on the servers to make it visible on the searches conducted at the search engine. In web hosting, the servers are rent out by the service providers so that your website can be available on internet. Web hosting companies offer root configuration, backup, website maintenance and data recovery services also in addition to website hosting facility.

There are different types of servers like dedicated servers, shared servers, virtual private servers etc. on which you can host your website. Depending upon your needs and budget, check out the various types of servers for hosting your website.

 Importance of domain name and web hosting

Domain name and hosting services both are quintessential for running an online business. Domain name is like the address of your house while the hosting service is the area in which your house is constructed. Without these two, it is impossible for the online users to recognize your online presence or access your company online.

Website owners can get the domain name according to the name of your business and the type of business operations it carries. Customized domain name purchase option is also available which is helpful in getting the most personalized name for your website. Make sure that domain name should be short and easy to remember so that users do not face problem in learning your name. Web hosting services are also available for personalized servers to make it easy for the users to access the website without facing web traffic congestion.

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