A futuristic home in IT City

Hyderabad has developed an iconic status among modern Indian cities. If you wish to move to Hyderabad, the time is now.

There’s something addictive about Hyderabad. A bastion of history that wears many signs of its rich past, it is also one of the most contemporary cities in the country. It sets a blistering pace of life, but you can choose to take it easy – it is a city of many contrasts, but whatever your state of mind, you will love living here.

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For years now, it has been quietly building itself as an international IT hub, and is known as ‘Cyberabad’ for that reason. It also has flourishing biotech and pharma industries. Naturally, techies and millennials have been moving to Hyderabad in droves. If you want a few reasons to move here, consider 4 of the best ones:

* Great quality of life. Hyderabad was re-planned in the last decade. In its second innings, it has emerged as a city that offers a great quality of life for all. With a futuristic outlook, it has added a host of international schools and businesses to its kitty. This has made it an attractive destination for millennials, those with families and those wishing to start business. Besides, the city’s planning takes into account the citizens’ need for verdant spaces next to large residential properties in Hyderabad.

* Improved infrastructure. There is a large network of international flights connecting to Hyderabad, which makes it an attractive business destination. Besides this, there are excellent roads, highways, waterways and other means of transport here. Since the political and social environment has been conducive to the growth of the city into a modern entity, there are excellent medical and public services, and the best in terms of recreation and greenery to enjoy in Hyderabad.

* Superb residential prospects. Giving a fillip to the large expat population working here, several luxury apartments in Hyderabad have sprung up in recent times, developed by the best names in Indian real estate. You will still find old housing here, but it is slowly giving way to large towers and the best flats for sale in Hyderabad.If you are planning to move to the city, make sure you look for the right luxury properties in Hyderabad that offer all amenities that you and your family need.

* The most awesome food.Hyderabad’s special secret is its yummy food, and most people who move to Hyderabad confess to doing so for its excellent cuisines. Apart from the revered Hyderabadi biryani, you can sample some of the best kebabs, curries, egg dishes and desserts here. Most food stalls are open even in the late night hours to cater to techies and singletons returning home late from work.

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